Glacier Hiking on 600 year old ice


Glacier hikes we guide upon request on Sólheimajökull. This is a great place to see,
how much the ice has melted in the last couple of years. If you have never stepped on rock solid 600 year old ice, then this is your chance and a lot of fun. You will get geared up with crampons for a good grip on the ice and ice axes to fight the polar bears 😉 and to explore the ice.
We only offer these tours upon requests, because there are already tons of other tour operators offering tours on Sólheimajökull.

For us as a tiny company, it is hard to compete with the big giants, so we only offer tours during off-peak times. This way we can enjoy the glacier without waiting in line to go up or
to take a photo.

We highly recommend an afternoon hike around 4pm,
an evening hike or a morning hike at 8.00am.

If you are interested, just send us an e-mail and we will
provide you with more details.