Katla Ice Cave Tour

Super Jeep Tour to Katla Ice Cave

Super Jeep Tour

Duration: 3 hours

Level: Easy-Medium

November – mars

Departure time: 08:00 am

A cave made from the breath of the dragon. On this tour we drive over Mýrdalssandur to a glacier tongue called Katlajökull. We explore the glacier and take a look at the ash layers in the ice from previous eruptions that are so typical of this glacier. Going inside the ice cave is the highlight of this tour and a very special experience. We will of course provide crampons and helmets for you for your safety. Did you know that the ice caves change very quickly? The melting water and the movement of the glacier forms the caves and often they are hardly recognizable if you visit them again a few weeks later. Therefore every visit is unique. Also the colour of the ice varies day by day, from blue in the winter to cristal clear in the fall and spring. Depending on the weather we will stop at one or two places on the way back and take the car for a short spin on the beach. This tour is suitable for both young and old and a family friendly (with children who have started going to school) experience.